SCRU Cream Lips Scrub, 11.5g

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SCRU Cream Lips Scrub, 11.5g It is very soft. and changing is seen with the first use.
Mixiu Scru Cream for lip use One full use is enough. Even if you leave the use, it will remain pink.
Cigarette black spots will remove from the lips. Dirt will be removed.
It is a lip scrubber. It has to be massaged lightly on the lips. Gel type formula

SCRU Cream Lips Scrub, 11.5g
Product Description
Mixiu Scru Cream Anti Dry Lip Balm
The scrub for broken lips2 or removes dead skin on the lips so it looks softer and looks brighter.
☑ Mixiu Scru Cream Anti Dry Lip Moisturizer With Propolis Gel Content
☑ This product has super moisturizing effect. This product is rich in sodium hyaluronate, which can deeply penetrate the skin and lock in skin moisture.
☑ This product has good nourishing effect. This product is rich in collagen, which can provide enough collagen for the lips and nourish deeply on the skin.
☑ The product is rich in collagen vitamin E, which can promote lip muscle growth, remove aging skin tissue, leaving lip skin fuller and more elastic.
☑ Rose extract in the product has good whitening nourishing function, which can make the lips reder and shiny.
☑ This product is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can moisturize your lips at any time.
☑ Feature:moisturizing, Anti-Drying, Exfoliating
☑ Net weight:12g

How to use:
-Cleanse Lips with make up remover or wet wipes, make sure there is no lipstick left on the lips.
-Apply Mixiu Scru Cream evenly on lips then massage in circular motion of lips, do not overload when exfoliating.
-When Dead skin starts to lift and lips feel soft, then rinse lips with water.
-Yuk Take care of the lips and get 
Your healthy lips right now.


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